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Japan's smallest castle town"Mori"

Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, located on the prefectural border between Shimane and Tottori.
Mori Hakuta, Shimane in it was created as支藩of 1666 Matsue clan in Edo Period
Since successive feudal lords were basically resident in Edo, no castle was built, and a camp called "Gokan" was set up.
Around it, something like a so-called castle town was created.
With the lowest stone height in Japan, Mori feudal clan 10,000 stones, inherited by the feudal lords for 200 years.

Google Map

Google Map

Hotel Name

Auberge Tenku Bettei Mori


468 Higashimori, Hakuta Town, Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture

Telephone number



There is a pick-up service((conditions)
We may contact you in advance.
Please contact the facility directly for transportation consultation.


  • When using a car

    ■About 15 minutes by car from Sanin Expressway Yasugi IC
    After getting off at Yasugi IC, Route 334 West 1km, Route 9 8km ~ Yasugi City Hall Hakatachosha Sugu

    Parking:15 units((Free)
    The parking lot is a flat parking lot without a roof and can be used free of charge by guests.
  • When using transportation

    Yonago Airport Yonago Station by shuttle bus to 25 minutes by taxi Yonago Station

    60 minutes by Shinkansen Okayama Station, 2 hours from Okayama station to Yonago Station Limited Express Yakumo