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Have a warm wedding at home.

  • I would like to share the joy with those who have a deep connection to them and convey the honest word "Thank you."
    A space to fulfill their wishes. ""Bettei Mori』\

    At "Bettei Mori", we support weddings that warm the hearts of all of you.
    Name a wedding that you can enjoy without flashy productions.
    The reception hall is also just the right size, so you can enjoy meals and conversations with guests as close as possible.
  • Japanese marriage
    Connect and tie people to people, homes to homes.
    The past in the small cup, the present in the middle cup, and the future in the large cup.
    A traditional Japanese wedding ceremony in which three sake cups are exchanged three by three to form a strong relationship.
  • Classical feast
    Wearing a black tie and dress in a 200-year-old building
    Please enjoy the banquet that feels romantic in the Taisho era.

The charm of the Bettei Mori

  • A wedding ceremony for one group per day

    Bettei Mori is reserved for one group per day.
    On the day of the event, all the service staff will make an effort for the success of the wedding ceremony and the hospitality of the guests.
    Therefore, it is attractive that the voices and satisfaction from the bride and groom and guests are high.
    Also, since the building is reserved, it is also a point that there is not much progress and batting that various people come and go while worrying about other ceremonies.
  • Gourmand that is popular even in the local area

    Bettei Mori, you can prepare "French orchid west cuisine" created with new ideas.
    We use abundantly selected ingredients from home and abroad for cooking.
    Based on traditional French cooking techniques
    Original menus incorporating new ideas are lined up on the table.
  • A quaint samurai residence with a history of 200 years

    The 200-year-old Bettei Mori, has a tasteful detail and can be enjoyed by guests.
    The words "This is my first wedding ceremony" and "It's okay to have a very calm atmosphere" are heard.
  • Free parking is available for safe access at the time of meetings and on the day

    About 15 minutes by car from the Yasugi IC on the Sanin
    We also have a free parking lot, so you can rest assured that you will have transportation at the time of the meeting and that guests will come by car on the day of the meeting.

A passionate wedding ceremony with a small number of people, inspired by the "celebration" held at an old home

  • From the ceremony tour to the meeting and the day of the ceremony, we will support the two by paying attention to the details.
    If you have any concerns during the wedding preparation process, please feel free to contact us.

Wedding venue

  • Bettei Mori Ceremony Venue

    A Shinto ceremony to report the marriage to God and wish for the prosperity of the bride and groom and both families.
    You can also do it inside the venue, including the shrine.

    We also recommend the in-banquet ceremony in the reception hall as a public ceremony for all attendees to become witnesses.
  • A congratulatory word is a congratulatory word that means a wedding.
    It is the current "public ceremony".
    In congratulations (public ceremony), we connect homes and people.
    Bettei Mori, a public ceremony can be held inside the reception hall.
Wedding styleShinto style/ /Public ceremony
Number of people that can be accepted~ 40 people
Recommended number of receptionists~ 40 people
Possible productionBouquet toss/ /rickshaw
Recommended pointsNatural light enters

Reception hall

  • Bettei Mori Dining Venue

    You can spend a wonderful day in a luxurious Japanese space overlooking the elegant natural colors and Japanese garden, and spend an important day surrounded only by close guests.
  • Cuisine

    An important wedding dish with hospitality to guests.
    Bettei Mori, you can prepare "French orchid west cuisine" created with new ideas.
    We use abundantly selected ingredients from home and abroad for cooking.
    Based on traditional French cooking techniques, the table is lined with original menus that incorporate new ideas.
Number of people that can be accepted2 to 40 people
Recommended number of receptionists2 to 40 people
Garden productionNo
Use of the second partyNo
Types of dishesFrench Cuisine
Allergy responsecan be
Tasting before applicationcan be*Consultation required
Recommended pointsVenue:Adjacent to the kitchen / Only for wedding receptions / Full audiovisual / Natural light / Charter OK
Cuisine:kids menu/ /Original menu cake

Ancillary equipment

  • Bettei Mori Accommodation

    Antique Western furniture is combined with an old Japanese house to create a Taisho romance atmosphere.
    An open-air bath is set up in only one group per day, and you can enjoy a private garden.
Ancillary equipmentBrides room/ /Cloak/ /Relatives waiting room/ /Guest changing room/ /Japanese garden/ /Crib/ /Breastfeeding room
OtherThere is an affiliated dress shop/ /barrier-free


Payment methodcash/ /Bank transfer
the day of paymentPostpay

Attendee information

hotelAuberge Tenku Bettei Mori
Number of roomsJapanese + Western room::1 room
Check In15:00
Check Out10:00
Costume rentalMen's costume:Morning/ /tuxedo
Female costume:Furisode/ /Tomesode/ /Party dress
Children's costume:Children's dress/ /Children's black ties
Kimono / Hair MakeupDressing/ /Hair make/ /Hair set